Useful Resources

Most of our guidance is synthesised from the official documents below, so make sure you’ve had a good look at these in preparation for your application. A quick skim through might be enough to avoid any silly errors that might jeopardise your application. This list will be kept up to date with the latest official guidance and any good resources discovered. Please note I am not NOT affiliated with any of these and do not earn any commission whatsoever, they're just well-recommended, commonly used resources discovered from personal experience of the application process.

Official Guidance

These are some of the most important documents to read. Released by the recruitment board each year, they give an overview of the application process from start to finish. Please make sure you read each of these thoroughly.

Useful Websites

A lot of websites that discuss the radiology application process are quite out of date and haven’t kept up with the huge changes that have occurred in the last 2 years. Nevertheless, some have stayed relevant and are worth a mention:

Useful Videos

Similar to many websites, videos quickly go out of date as the application process goes through year-on-year changes. However, some useful videos that cover the topic more generally are listed below.

Useful Application Courses

These courses are specifically designed to help you with your application. For more general radiology courses and conferences, see a full list over at our portfolio guidance.

Useful Books

Portfolio Scoring Criteria


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