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All flashcards have been referenced against the most up-to-date guidance from reputable sources, including NICE and the Royal Colleges. Where available, each card contains a link to further reading

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Although I'd love to offer this feature free of charge, unfortunately running a website costs a surprising amount of money and takes up an unbelievable amount of time. Whilst I am determined that the core guidance on the website will always be free to access, these flashcards are an optional extra that have taken me hundreds of hours to write, reference and organise. Hopefully, you can understand the small fee attached, and any money generated will go towards the ongoing upkeep of the website and future content.

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✓ Psychiatry / Neurology (107 cards)

✓ Renal / Urology (42 cards)

✓ Reproductive / Women's Health (156 cards)

✓ Respiratory (33 cards)

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Please note, these flashcards are not officially endorsed by the Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment or the recruitment teams. They are based entirely on my experience of the exam and the official sources listed in the attached document. Furthermore, these flashcards are based on the most up-to-date guidance from reputable UK sources at the time of writing this (June 2023), however, some flashcards might be outdated at the time of studying if new guidance has since come out. I will try to keep them as up-to-date as possible, but given this, I cannot be held accountable for any mistakes you encounter and any impact this might have on your exam results. Furthermore, it's important to recognise that these flashcards might actually be more up-to-date than the real exam material, so you will have to use your judgement on the day if there is a question on a topic where guidance has very recently been updated.

Finally, these flashcards are also not intended for clinical use, and must not be used as any form of guidance in patient care. Downloading these flashcards implies you accept these terms.

If you do notice any mistakes, please get in touch and I'll do my best to update this as a matter of urgency.


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