This section of the website addresses everything you need to know when applying to Clinical Radiology​

You might find it beneficial to give all of these articles a read before you start your application, and then refer back to each as you progress through each stage. Hopefully it might make everything feel a bit more familiar.

Why Radiology

Covers the role of the Clinical Radiologist, and some of the best aspects of a career in radiology​

Application Process

Everything you need to know about all stages of the application process, from filling in the form to your offer​

Competition Ratios

An explanation of the competition ratios, and why they are less daunting than they appear on paper​

Key Dates (2023/24)

Never miss a deadline, keep these dates handy and track your application through every stage​

Useful Resources

Links to the most useful guidance, along with websites, videos and courses to help your preparation​


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