A complete guide to the radiology ST1 application.

Written by radiology trainees, this is everything you need to know to score highly at each stage of your application and maximise your chance of securing a job as a Clinical Radiologist in the UK.


Competition Ratios

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Scoring Criteria

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What to Expect

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MSRA Clinical Flashcards

We've just released our brand new resource: flashcards for the clinical part of the Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA). Designed to accelerate your learning and recall of the core facts, with over 1000 flashcards covering every specialty tested in the clinical part of the MSRA exam.

Tips to Boost your Portfolio Score

Tips to Boost Your Portfolio

Simple steps that can gain you vital portfolio points

Preparing for the MSRA Exam

Preparing for the MSRA Exam

Methods and resources to help you revise for this vital exam

Interview Overview

Overview of the Interview

Everything you need to know about the Radiology Interview

Case Studies

Case Studies

An essential insight into how successful candidates prepared for their applications, and an overview of the life of radiology trainees & consultants


MSRA prep

Interview experience

Key resources


Example timetables

On-call experiences

Exam overviews


Sub-specialty insights


Future of radiology

Hot Topics

HOT Topics

Stand out at your interview and show off your knowledge with these detailed overviews of the most talked about topics in radiology:

  • Skill's Mix
  • Radiology Exams (FRCR)
  • Burnout
  • Workforce Shortage
  • Academy vs. Traditional Training
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Home Reporting
  • Diagnostic Hubs
  • Training Structure
  • Teleradiology

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