Tell us about your career path so far?

Straight from FY2 (but dual qualified medicine/dentistry and graduate medic)

When and why did you become interested in radiology?

Towards end of medical school. Seemed interesting. Got more and more jaded with ward work.

Were you set on applying to radiology or did you apply as a backup or to multiple specialties?

Radiology first choice but made a few other applications as back-ups and for interview practice.

How did you find the application process?

Long. Difficult. Stressful. Think it's always going to be and every year it seems to get more and more competitive. I knew I had to smash the MSRA so did a lot of revision for it (more than most I would guess).

Walk us through your portfolio

Please note: updated portfolio requirements in the 2022-2023 application year mean that the points discussed in these case studies are out-of-date, however you might pick up some useful tips to get you some more points

I had the taster week and did a radiology audit after making connections during this. I'd consider this an essential and easy 2 points. I have a first class honours in my previous degree, can't really recommend this! If you're a graduate medic you may already have it, if not I'd try to get points in other ways. I have a PGCert in medical education. Paid for this in FY1 3k out of pocket but I like teaching and figured it would be useful for any speciality and career. Multiple audits/QIP be choosy about what you get involved with and always get proof (ie. A letter) after you've done it. One original research, not radiology related. Very difficult to get I would say this domain is the least completed by most candidates.

Did you receive your self-assessed score or did it change when it was verified?

I got my self-assessed score

How long did you prepare for the MSRA for?

I did a LOT of prep. I hadn't sat any tough exams since 4th year medschool and most of my clinical exposure was cancelled during final year due to covid so I felt very rusty. I started in October doing Passmed 100 questions per day. I did this consistently until December when I started increasing the numbers. This would take approx 1hr-1.5hrs. by the end of December when I had days off I would do 300/day but that might not take very long at all as by then I was very fast at them.

What resources did you use to prepare for the MSRA?

Passmed, MCQBank, Pastest (bought towards the end as I was bored). No courses. No flashcards. No books.

How did you find the exam on the day?

Fine. Most of the questions I knew the answer immediately due to my revision. Only 1 I had no idea at all. 5 were hardish and I may have got wrong. SJT is a roll of the dice as always.

How much time did you put into preparing for your interview?

About...15 hours?

What resources did you use to prepare for interview?

The Pickard book, Radcast modules + mock, practicing with a friend who was also applying

How was your interview on the day?

14 minutes!

Did you get a job where you wanted?

I got my top preference of deanery.

Anything you would have done differently if you applied again?

No. It all worked out.

Dr Mohamed Chunara


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